Software Development

Methods and code development we can offer:

  • C, C++, Python, Matlab/Simulink Development
  • Standards like DO-178C and DO-331 embedded in a ARP4754 process
  • Frameworks: Qt, DDS, GStreamer

Multi-drone ground control center (GCS)

As one of our products we developed a decentralized and scalable GCS for unmanned systems which incorporates:

  • Low-latency monitoring and direct control. Protocols based on standards such as STANAG-4586
  • Weather-based (ICON-EU/WAWFOR) Flight planning (FIXM) through optimization algorithm
  • Distributed control center network for n-operator to m-vehicle relationship
  • Traffic situation display with automated conflict management

and offers extensive and innovative functions:

  • Possibility of task-specific mission planning, or integration of existing solutions
  • Control center network with validated handover processes
  • Mission overview, remote and payload control also via web view
  • LAG-specific hook-on device available (4G/5G, SATCOM, proprietary telemetry)
  • Open and modular system for easy integration of other manufacturers and configurations
  • Integration of different unmanned vehicle classes and infrastructure