This is a list of methods and code development we can afford:

  • Airfoil design
  • BAFF, code for analysis of fiber reinforced wings
  • ANSYS user routines
  • Fatigue evaluation (metal, bondings, FRP)
  • PART 25 principal structure elements (PSE)
  • Damage Tolerance, Widespread Fatigue Damage (WFD) Analysis
  • Puck’s failure criteria
  • Bonding fi nite element
  • Aircraft load calculation
  • Flight dynamics elastic aircraft
  • Avionics, complex airborne hard- and software specification and certification
  • Aeroelastic analysis
  • Ground vibration testing
  • Flight vibration testing


With the quality assurance procedures of the aircraft production organisation, modern equipment and about 2400 sqm production floor, prototyping is an essential part of the entire aircraft design process.

Flight Testing

Flight Testing is an inherent capability for successful Aircraft design. Being able to match design parameters with in flight experiments creates a unique knowledge based on validated simulation codes.

Our Flight Test Organisation covers the planning and performing of certification and development flight tests for manned und anmanned aicraft. The Flight Test Operational Manual – FTOM – included within the comapny‘s Design Organization – DO – and approved by the Aviation Safety Agency, provides the reference for certification flight tests.

With our fleet of research aircraft we can provide a unique test environment:

  • eta Research Aicraft
  • MultiCopter
  • High Alpha Research Glider

Subsidiary Companies

Cutting edge design needs access to research. Leichtwerk AG founded the spin-off company Leichtwerk Research GmbH in 2018 to feed the mature aircraft design processes with new technology.

Further information

Aquired in 2018 by Leichtwerk AG, the SFL GmbH extends the company abilities (even) further.

Further information