Policies and philosophy

Leichtwerk AG develops technologies and products for lightweight structures. The focus lies in aircraft design, wind turbines, high-speed trains, automobile and research facilities. Furthermore, the company develops test parts with predefined structural properties, like wind tunnel models with elastic properties, or test parts for investigating component properties and optimizing production processes. Leichtwerk has considerable expertise in fiber reinforced plastics and bondings. In these fields, solutions require the use of complex analytical methods. Leichtwerk applies state-of-the-art scientific-based methods whilst maintaining a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency. Sustainability in corporate management is seen as a significant element of successful development. This particularly includes strong staff and customer ties that can be realized in good balance with economic efficiency. The corporate goals are to achieve a high added value for business partners and staff alike and to increase the overall value of the company - both in keeping with the interests of the shareholders.

The history and growth

Leichtwerk AG, as it exists today, has its origins in the freelance engineering career of Dr. Reiner Kickert.

February 1996


At the beginning of 1996, the Bürogemeinschaft Flugtechnik & Leichtbau (aeronautics and lightweight construction associates) was founded on the premises of the former Tannenberg Barracks at Braunschweig Airport. In the rooms shared with Hans-Ludwig Meyer, former head of the aeronautics division at DLR Braunschweig, Dr. Kickert devoted himself to the development of the world‘s largest glider, „eta“.

July 2000

Development of eta

On 31 July 2000, the aircraft „eta“ had its successful maiden flight at Cochstedt airport. Subsequently, a limited series of the aircraft was built by manufacturing companies in the Rhön region and in southern Germany. The project was commissioned by a group of famous world record gliders (H.W. Grosse, E. Müller, H. Lodes, B. Gantenbrink, U. Mantica) mid 1995.

Further information: https://www.leichtwerk.de/eta-aircraft/en/news/index.html

January 2002

New brand

In 2002 the leichtwerk brand was registered. Hans-Ludwig Meyer retired and the office-sharing arrangement was disbanded.

April 2002

New sectors

The development of large rotor blades for wind turbines introduced an important new field of activity. Wind tunnel models made of fiber reinforced plastics, that distorted like their prototypes in the airstream, were subsequently developed for institutes at the research centers in Braunschweig and Göttingen.

February 2003

EASA approval

EASA Design Organisation Approval.

June 2004

Further sectors

Special commissions for car body reinforcements were processed. This secured an additional line of business besides aircraft design, i.e. extremely lightweight construction, particularly with fiber reinforced structures, spanning numerous different industry sectors.

August 2009

Leichtwerk AG

In August 2009, the companies leichtwerk Ingenieurbüro e.K. and protowerk e.K. were spun off into the newly established Leichtwerk AG.

October 2017

New building

The company moved to its own modern equipped building directly located at the Research Airport with about 2400 sqm.

... and here we are.


EASA certificate

Approval certificate

Since 2003, we have been a certified design organization (EASA21J.332) of the European aeronautical authority EASA, for the design of aircraft and aircraft components.