Leichtwerk AG develops technologies and products for lightweight structures. The focus lies in aircraft design, wind turbines, high-speed trains, automobile and research facilities. Furthermore, the company develops test parts with predefined structural properties, like wind tunnel models with elastic properties, or test parts for investigating component properties and optimizing production processes. Leichtwerk has considerable expertise in fiber reinforced plastics and bondings.

In these fields, solutions require the use of complex analytical methods. Leichtwerk applies state-of-the-art scientific-based methods whilst maintaining a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency.

Sustainability in corporate management is seen as a significant element of successful development. This particularly includes strong staff and customer ties that can be realized in good balance with economic efficiency.

The corporate goals are to achieve a high added value for business partners and staff alike and to increase the overall value of the company - both in keeping with the interests of the shareholders.