Wingspan 30,90 m 101.38 ft
Length 9,84 m 32.28 ft
Maximum take off weight920 kg 2029.3 lb
Wing area 18.6 m² 200.21 ft²
Wing loading 380 - 500 N/m² 7.93-10.44 lb/ft²
Engine Solo 47 kW 64 HP
Wing airfoils HQR 3 (fuselage wing intersection)
HQR 1 (main wing area)
HQR 2 (outer wing)
fin HQR 4
elevator HQR 5


The performance of a sailplane cannot be described comprehensively by a single number the l/d-ratio. A more precise description of the performance must include information about the l/d-ratio at different speeds, especially at higher speed. The maximum l/d is normally achieved at a speed which has to be flown very exactly. In normal flight operation this is seldom used, so a review of performance has to refer to the whole speed polar.

So for eta no precise performance information is given at present. During flight tests the true performance will be evaluated, then a precise, measured polar will be published.

In general it is to be said that the biggest gain in performance will be at low speeds. At higher speeds there will be a reduced gain, but it will be significant too.


For propulsion the Binder system will be used. It is not a new design. It is a proved system used in a large number of different gliders, and has worked satisfactorily for a long time.

The engine is a Solo 2625 with 47 kW (64 HP).

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