Wind tunnel models

Wind tunnel measurements are made during the development phase of transportation vehicle to determine relevant aerodynamic values and aeroacoustic properties. A metal model, which is practically rigid, is often used in the wind tunnel. In reality though, elastic distortions resulting from aerodynamic forces or from the effect of acceleration on the aircraft mass, have an effect on the exterior form of the aircraft. These also result in changes to the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic properties.


Leichtwerk AG designs and manufactures realistic wind tunnel models with predefined properties. The models can be particularly light and rigid so as to enable the measurement of aerodynamic properties during maneuvers without the influence of inertia forces. Predefined elastic distortions, as occur in steady-state loading of the prototype, can also be realized.

The simulation of some dynamic properties can prove particularly complex, e.g. predefined eigenmodes for the investigation of flutter behavior of aircraft.