Often, the local effects of fracture mechanic strains can only be analyzed for very small or simple structures. Leichtwerk AG has a number of in-house procedures for performing fracture mechanic analyses on large complete structures like, for example, the rotor blades of offshore wind turbines with a blade length of over 60m.
These procedures have lead to significant improvements in the structural reliability, and subsequently the economic efficiency, of the turbines.

Method I:

The analysis of delaminations between the layers of fiber reinforced structures requires a method which can be used in the post-processing stage of a standard FE analysis. The analysis involves the sectional forces that branch out during delamination.

Method II:

A special bondline element that considers both branched structures as well as thick bondlines was developed for the ANSYS FE system. Furthermore, it allows a simple variation of the geometric crack front for crack propagation analysis.