Computational simulation



The in-house code BAFF enables quick design of elongated multicell wing structures. It supports the stabilization of fiber and interfere fractures, elastic properties like the position of local shear centers, bending and torsional stiffness, centers of gravity, mass distribution and moments of inertia.

ANSYS User Routines:


Leichtwerk AG employs extensive user routines in structural analyses with the FE software. These include post-processing methods for determining the stability of the fiber reinforced structures, and for operational stability analyses. The analytical methods are attuned to the methods for determining the material constants in use at Leichtwerk AG.

  • A special user element was developed for fracture mechanic analyses and integrated into ANSYS.
  • Computation of the assumed loads of aircraft according to CS22, VLA and CS23
  • Coupling of the in-house structural analysis to the codes of DLR's computational fluid dynamics simulations, FLOWer and TAU