EASA desgin organization

Due to its status as an EASA design organization, Leichtwerk AG is authorized to carry out own developments, prototype constructions and aircraft approvals. The current range of approvals and authorizations covers:

  • Designing gliders and powered gliders and changes thereto as well as demonstrating and verifying compliance according to CS-22
  • Designing changes related to secondary structure and related performance and installation of avionics equipment to
    • Very light aircraft according to CS-VLA
    • Small aeroplanes according to CS-23
  • Designing changes related to secondary structure and related electrical systems and cabin interiors to
    • Large aeroplanes according to CS-25
    • Small rotocraft according to CS-27
    • Large rotocraft according to CS-29

Changes to primary structures of large aeroplanes already have been performed as well. Such projects can be realized in cooperation with EASA; appropriate know-how has already been established with several projects.

The integration of prototyping in the authorization processes ensures that prototype construction falls within the responsibility of prototype inspection engineers. Prototype production is part of the development package, as are testing and documentation. Once the aircraft has obtained certification of airworthiness, large-scale production according to the prototype documentation can begin at EASA-certified production plants.

The design organization is then the mutual point of contact for all issues regarding development and continued airworthiness.

EASA Approval Certificate and Terms of Approval